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ZTE Axon 7 Review


Obviously this review is really late since this phone was released last year, so I’ll try my best to make it different from the others. Continue reading


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Casting Local Content to Chromecast

chromecast BannerI just got myself a Chromecast and already love it. For the uninitiated, it’s an turns you old, HDMI ready, TV into an instant smart TV which you control either with your phone from from chrome. Everything worked great until I wanted to stream my local content.
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Youtube Gamers I salute you!


I’ve attempted to cast games several times in the last few years, never succeeded in doing it regularly. When I: do record a session, sometime always goes wrong. Most recently I butchered 2 hours worth of gaming footage because the audio recording setup didn’t work. I won’t go over the specifics here, all you need to know is that none of it was usable. Continue reading

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First Look: Dell XPS 15 2015 Edition

xps15BannerFor a lot of us, the XPS 13 sleek design was great, but the screen wasn’t quite big enough. Well fret no more, Dell has brought that same design to the XPS 15 and with upgrades!

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First Look: Microsoft Surface Book


Two days ago Microsoft announced the new Surface Pro 4 along with a surprising new addition to their already strong arsenal of products: The Surface Book, Microsoft’s own hybrid Windows 10 notebook. Step aside Dell (XPS 13 2015), there’s a new king in town.
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First Look: Dell XPS 13 2015 Edition


With a market in need of a better alternatives to the Macbook Air, Dell answers this call with the newly redesigned XPS 13. Continue reading

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Razer Tartarus Review


The Razer Tartarus is a new trend in gaming peripherals popular with MMO gamers and some FPS gamers as depicted in RocketJump’s VGHS web-series. Continue reading