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Casting Local Content to Chromecast

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chromecast BannerI just got myself a Chromecast and already love it. For the uninitiated, it’s an turns you old, HDMI ready, TV into an instant smart TV which you control either with your phone from from chrome. Everything worked great until I wanted to stream my local content.
After combing the wide web far and wide, I present to you 4 options, well, technically 5 for streaming your local content to your beloved Chromecast.chromecastImage

  1. Chrome’s Chromecast app. The app, being the simplest on the list, can be used in one of two ways to stream: the first, straight forward, way is to simply open up the video or audio file straight up in chrome and simple cast the tab. The drawbacks are that the formats that chrome can play are quite limited when it comes to video files.

    Secondly, is to simple mirror the entire screen and do what you would usually do. Keep in mind that this feature is still in beta. The drawback here is that through my testing the stream can be quite chopping given that mirroring you computer’s screen is a very intensive task.

    While the app is great for the standard web streaming uses, it’s not recommend for local content as the drawback do get the way.


  2.  Plex. Plex is essentially a personal Netflix. That being said this will require some setup to be done. Rest assured it took me less than 5 minutes to setup. This is so far the best method since it supports both audio and video in the same app. Downsides well, you might need pay for certain features, but for in-home streaming it’s free and perfect.
    AirFlow App
  3. Airflow. A currently still free media player that is what vlc should be when they release Chromecast support. It’s able to stream anything and supports subtitles as well. It’s still in beta so expect bugs and crashing. so far in my testing it works fine for video/movie streaming however crashed when I tried to cast some music.
  4. Chromecast Audio Stream(PC) Soundcast(Mac). This one’s audio only and quite self explanatory. Basically, sets your computer’s audio output to your Chromecast.

Well, there you have it. My 5 methods of streaming content from your PC to your Chromecast. There are other methods I left out such as Videostream is currently a mess to use, as well as other mobile apps. Hope you have found this useful. Happy Casting.


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