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Canon EOS M Camera Preview


Introduction – here we go

In order to preview the new Canon EOS M, Canon’s first mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses it’s probably best to approach this buying decision as you would when buying a tablet computer today. Continue reading


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Canon EOS M – New Mirrorless Camera Leaked?

There’s a bit of bubbling in the bathtub about supposedly leaked pictures (or rather picture) of Canon’s new mirrorless camera system, the EOS-M. Dunno if it’s legit but it’s kinda believable. Continue reading

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Nikon D800 – The best goes to those who wait?

Nikon D800 - The best goes to those who wait?

Could it be the the D800 is comming? Continue reading

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Kodak files for Chapter 11 Protection

As film giant Kodak files for bankruptcy protection, everyone from photographers to economists is looking back at the company that was, for so long, synonymous with American photography. Continue reading