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ZTE Axon 7 Review


Obviously this review is really late since this phone was released last year, so I’ll try my best to make it different from the others. Continue reading


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List Of Free Holo Themed Apps For Android


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was a game changer for Android, bringing in, for the first time, hardware acceleration through most of the UI elements, including the much needed acceleration for the Home Launcher. What made this deal even sweeter was the introduction of a color scheme and theme that will spread like wildfire across all that is Android. Continue reading

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The Best Video Players For Android

I remember the days when the coolest cellphone was the smallest and most compact one and in the course of a few more years, out came PDAs; some with phone functionality and some as a personal assistant. The screens on those things were huge but they made for some very good multimedia players, something that carried into what we now term as Smartphones. Continue reading

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Newscover For Android: Neat News Reader That Lets You View Tweets Related To Each Story

Available in English and Spanish, Newscover is an elegant news reader for web and Android that presents you with the top news stories from five of the most sought-after categories, including current affairs, business, style, technology and sports. Through a well-crafted layout, not only does this free mobile app let you filter content in multiple ways, but also lets you keep an eye on what the worldwide Twitter community has to say about a particular story. Continue reading

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The New Padfone Lets It All Hang Out

The Asus Padfone took 12 months to arrive on the market after it was first announced. Now, for multi-tasking device lovers everywhere, there’s a new version of the smartphone powered tablet—and it seems to want to show off its insides. Continue reading

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Top 5 Android Photography Apps

By popular demand, we have compiled a list of our top 5 Android Photography apps. Admittedly, our knowledge of Android is not that vast, so you might find a few decent offerings missing from this list. If you do, feel free to leave your recommendation in the comment section below. Continue reading