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Youtube Gamers I salute you!

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I’ve attempted to cast games several times in the last few years, never succeeded in doing it regularly. When I: do record a session, sometime always goes wrong. Most recently I butchered 2 hours worth of gaming footage because the audio recording setup didn’t work. I won’t go over the specifics here, all you need to know is that none of it was usable.

Recording gameplay commentary is a challenge of so many ways. From getting over the awkwardness of talking to yourself as you play for a couple of hours, to the technical aspects of getting high quality recordings, to simply being motivated to consistently record videos. I had a hard time getting past even the first challenge of talking to myself, even though I tend to do that when I play anyway. Everything changes when there’s a mic in front of you and the camera starts rolling.

I have yet to get back in the game, but for now I saluted you gamers of the youtube-verse for doing what you do. I do hope I make it one day though.

My weird little channel:


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