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ZTE Axon 7 Review


Obviously this review is really late since this phone was released last year, so I’ll try my best to make it different from the others. Continue reading


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Casting Local Content to Chromecast

chromecast BannerI just got myself a Chromecast and already love it. For the uninitiated, it’s an turns you old, HDMI ready, TV into an instant smart TV which you control either with your phone from from chrome. Everything worked great until I wanted to stream my local content.
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The Absence

Conceptual 3D art showing one missing jigsaw piece from the puzzle.

I’m back!!!! for the third time round probably….I admit I haven’t been the best blogger being absent for so long. I’m back now and hopefully here to stay. Continue reading

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I’m Not Dead Yet!

As the title says, I’m back. I’ve been busy with lots of projects that I hope to share with you in the near future, but first things first. I owe you a lot of posts and tutorials. A lot has happen in the time I’ve been gone. So hopefully this time round it won’t happen again. Cheers!

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Surge in news on Thai Flood

As news is rapidly coming in, I will be switching to twitter for on the minute updates on the situation. Also searching #thaiflood on twitter will also provide you with news on the flood.


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Welcome to the MYC. First time blogging so don’t really know what to write. It’s all as the tagline says, tech reviews ( if I can get my hands on some stuff), Photography and other stuff. Stay tuned more more non sense good stuff.