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The Absence

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Conceptual 3D art showing one missing jigsaw piece from the puzzle.

I’m back!!!! for the third time round probably….I admit I haven’t been the best blogger being absent for so long. I’m back now and hopefully here to stay. So many things went wrong in the past two years, it wasn’t fun, like at all. The good news thought is that I”m done with university and I’ve got my degree!! yay!!! So I now have no excuse for not posting anymore.

To show how long I’ve been gone, the last post i made was on the release of the first line surface devices. Since then two more lines – Surface 2 and 3 – have been released. Android has over taken iOs as the most used mobile os. The android play store is as saturated as ever. And of course SOPA is ancient history. I’ve been gone a really long while….

So to sum things up: I’ve missed out on soo much content. I’m now on flickr and 500px now. Drop by and check out some of  my latest work in photograhy and also a facebook page for my photography. Most of the content is the same so…its just for a wider reach that I created a page on all three services. I promise to make at least one post a day.

Flickr –
500px –
FB page –



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