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Count Down to 8

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Counting down to 8 means only one thing: Windows 8. Finally Windows 8 will be officially released. No more beta releases, developer previews or incomplete leaks. Finally! The real deal. In about a weeks time, we finally know just how good the surface tablet really is, or if they’re just going to push it back. And also if Windows 8 will require service packs to run properly. All the answers will be there in a week’s time.

Windows 8 is the first operating system to incorporate the both full system OS and Touch OS in one. Even apple had to create iOS for its devices. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are essentially the same thing. And The Surface Tablet Pro will sport both the touch interface as well as a full on OS that can run all the programs that you need to work. And finally after 25 years, Windows gets a redesign. And this is turning into a really random post, so I’m going to stop now. Below is the first TV ad for Windows 8 boasting the brand new tagline: Windows Re-imagined.

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