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Newscover For Android: Neat News Reader That Lets You View Tweets Related To Each Story

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Available in English and Spanish, Newscover is an elegant news reader for web and Android that presents you with the top news stories from five of the most sought-after categories, including current affairs, business, style, technology and sports. Through a well-crafted layout, not only does this free mobile app let you filter content in multiple ways, but also lets you keep an eye on what the worldwide Twitter community has to say about a particular story. Unlike most news readers, Newscover is void of any customization. However, its support for some of the most trusted and reputed sources, such as Yahoo!, Daily Mail, The Guardian, CNN, Telegraph and Reuters should prove to be sufficient for most. Besides sharing and bookmarking your favorite stories, you also get relevant news and videos with each article. Another neat little feature of Newscover is the way it assorts and presents all bookmarked articles under their respective channels on the same screen.

Full Story via AddictiveTips

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