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Tutorial Tuesdays: Creating a Handheld Camera Look in After Effects

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Tutorial Tuesdays

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesdays, a new weekly tutorial ranging from Photoshop to Premiere Pro and even Dreamweaver either written by me or something I stumble upon. This Week we kick of the first installment with an After Effects Tutorials on Animating with Expressions, namely the ‘Wiggle’ Expression by Bammo.


There are two ways of animating in After Effects: first the most common way with key-frames, and second with expressions. An Expression is a series of mathematical formulas ,that is applicable to any property  on any object in After  Effects, and generates animation for you.

To add an expression to a property hold alt and click on the stop-watch of the property. This will bring up and box to type in.

The Expression

Simply type this in: wiggle(1,50). The term wiggle signifies which set of formulas you want you use. The first number is the frequency of the animation, or how often it happens. The second number is the magnitude, or by how much.

In this example, we are applying it to the position property, the 1 means once every second and 50 means by 50 pixels. With the two numbers, the expression will randomly generate in the directions the object will move and hence the name wiggle. Click the video below to see it in Action, and for those still new to after effects there’s also one below on animating with key-frames. Animating with expressions will work with cs3 and newer.

Happy animating.

via. Bammo


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