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Canon EOS M Camera Preview

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Introduction – here we go

In order to preview the new Canon EOS M, Canon’s first mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses it’s probably best to approach this buying decision as you would when buying a tablet computer today. How many people do you know who carry a tablet and a laptop around with them, and now some DSLR owners are thinking of popping in a slimmer, mirrorless body to their camera bags no doubt. This new and emerging breed of camera has many DSLR like features but come in a much slimmer and more portable format than traditional cameras. They do have legacy links to previous DSLR cameras via adaptors allowing you to enjoy many lenses (a whopping 162 lenses in this case) from your collection. With mobile phones fast gobbling up the “point and shoot “market, camera makers like Sony, Nikon, Panasonic and now Canon have had to respond to consumer demand and bring out new technology to make cameras that are more portable than a traditional DSLR but give close to top quality picture responses with a variety of lens choices on offer.

Canon’s entry – Honey I shrank the 650D

The EOS M is a late entry to market for Canon. With the competition already tough it is interesting to dissect some of the many specs for this camera. A lot of the menu layout seems to come from the 650D touchscreen series indeed like most mirrorless models everything has been shrunk and simplified, except of course the APC format sensor that gives the desired performance depths that consumer hanker after these days.

Full Preview via DigitalRev

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