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First PIPA/SOPA, Then PCIPA and now ACTA?

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Yep, you’re reading that right. First it was PIPA/SOPA, then PCIPA and now ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) – a internaltional version of SOPA and apparently grants even more power over the internet to the governments.

If SOPA were the torpedos that started WWII, then ACTA is like Hiroshima. Paradon the comparison, but it’s exactly what happening right now. At the peak of SOPA, Megaupload was taken down launching an onslaught of DDoS take downs and eventually the complete deletion of which back up now (the list is still growing). Anonymous has been relentless, but when the ACTA, which is picking up speed FAST, is passed, it will being hit by the A-Bomb. Privacy, piracy, and internet freedom will be gone.

As mention before: the war is far from over. Hackers, heavy downloaders, and users will continue to rebel these laws, governments will continue to misunderstand the internet, and new even more vicious laws will continue to roll out and the war will continue with no end, or perhaps the final and most powerful law of them all might just happen to be passed on Dec. 21 and prove the Mayans right. Whatever happens, the protest for cyber freedom has already begun.

Aside from money, Governments want control. Not just to control, but to control the largest population possible if not all the population in all areas possible. They currently do not control the internet and what happens therein. Why? What bigger population is there than the internet. There is not one thing on this planet that can bring more people together regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or location than the internet. The last protest has brought together people from all over the world in a scale numbering the millions boycotting all brands supporting SOPA. Well, the last part wasn’t entirely true, but it were imagine the impact it would have on the economy.

The scale is highly sensitive. If the governments win it will be the biggest step back in history, if the internet will, it will only reinforce the belief that the internet is unstoppable and chaos will erupt. The only viable solution is for the internet and the government to come to and understanding and work together towards one common goal: to make the world a better place.

P.S. to all the big corporations, please stop trying to buy laws that will end the world. In fact, PLEASE JUST STOP BUYING LAWS!!! THAT’S NOT HOW THINGS WORK!!!!!


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