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Canon 5D Mark III ?!

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Looking carefully at the above image, you are looking at what could be the new 5D.

Gizmodo Writes:

“the purportedly new camera seems to have a larger LCD than the 5D Mark II. It’s also not a 7D because the camera doesn’t have a pop-up flash and the “Q” button is on the right side of the camera’s LCD instead of on the top left. Finally, Oachs spots something entirely new: a joystick of some kind on the camera’s battery grip.”

Those features clearly points out that it’s either a new 5D or Canon’s releasing a new full frame camera with different name like Nikon. To think about, it’s about damn time Canon updated the 5D to a Mark III.

more via Gizmodo –┬áIs This the Canon 5D Mark III?

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