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Why the Feds Targeted Megaupload

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There are plenty of players in the no-questions-asked online storage game: HulkShare, MediaFire, YouSendIt.  They’re all still up and running today, and only Megaupload is down.

Depending on how you look at it, reason can range from as simply as Megaupload is the largest of them all to the Justice Department’s whopping 72-page indictment against Megaupload. Megaupload has been targeted for quite a long while now. Gizmodo writes:

“as it’s tellingly referred to in the document, the “Mega Conspiracy”—illuminates a cavalier operation of opulence, carelessness, and tons of money. The Mega Conspiracy crew—which spanned continents, and was lead by flamboyant fatboy millionaire conman Kim Dotcom—was openly, wittingly rich off of copyrighted music. They were flagrant about their intentions to squeeze cash out of Simpsons episodes and 50 Cent albums, rewarding their most piracy-pushing users, laundering money through the site, and spending the cash in the most conspicuous ways imaginable.”

From that one statement is already pretty clear why.

more via Gizmodo – Why Did the Feds Target Megaupload? And Why Now?


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