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Canon launches C300 camera aimed at pro movie makers

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Japanese electronics giant Canon has launched a new high-end digital video camera aimed at professional movie makers. The C300 was unveiled at a special event in LA on Thursday attended by Hollywood luminaries such as Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard.

Canon launched its brand new Cinema EOS System at a special event in Hollywood on Thursday, comprising the C300 camera and a range of lenses that the Japanese company hopes will be used by big-name movie directors.

The C300 builds on the success of Canon’s 5D Mark II digital SLR camera, which has become a hit with independent filmmakers since its release in 2008. The popular dSLR was even used to shoot an entire episode of House as well as car racing scenes in Iron Man 2.

With a price tag of $20,000, the C300 doesn’t come cheap, but for professional movie makers it’s more than reasonable. The camera maker’s collection of some 60 EF lenses, used on its dSLR cameras, are compatible with the new camera. Canon is also bringing out two specially designed zoom lenses, costing a cool $45,000 and $47,000, for a PL-mount version of the C300.

The C300 features 1080p HD video capture, a Super 35mm CMOS sensor, built-in ND filters, an ISO range of between 320 and 20,000, two CF card slots, and can display timecode.

For Hollywood directors, or wealthy amateur filmmakers, the C300 will be in stores at the end of January.


via DigitalTrends


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