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Thai Floods Threaten Larger Area of Bangkok

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Bangkok’s city leaders warned that a widening swath of the Thai capital is now under threat from fast-rising flood waters, while the economic impact of the crisis continued to ripple outward after Toyota Motor Co. said it would adjust production at some of its Japan plants because of the shortage of Thai-made parts.


Millions of people in Bangkok nervously prepared for advancing and seemingly unstoppable flood waters after residents in areas deemed most at threat were urged to leave. Above, a Tuk Tuk drives through flooded streets.

City Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra said in televised address late Sunday night that large amounts of water were surging toward the Thai capital from the north of the country, potentially swamping six north and northeastern city districts along with the government’s own antiflood headquarters at Bangkok’s old international airport. Flood waters were already on the rise around the airport, in Don Muang, district on Sunday, where some residents packed up their belongings and walked across a foot bridge to seek shelter at the airport’s departure lounges.

via Wall Street Journal

One thought on “Thai Floods Threaten Larger Area of Bangkok

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