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Lytro’s camera – no ordinary camera

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It’s not often that you see a camera that completely breaks the mould of a digital camera, but having seen what the Lytro camera on the internets, I can say that this is no ordinary camera.

We all knew that when the Silicon Valley startup – Lytro – first announced to the world that they were making a camera that didn’t require the user to choose a point of focus because the focusing could be done after you’ve taken the shot. Of course, it divided opinion and people, myself included, questioned the whole point of this.

This week, Lytro showed their Light Field camera to the press, and the world got to see what their first product looks like. Conventional certainly isn’t the word: it looks like a lipstick case. But at least now we get a sense of what their target market is. It’s not meant for those hardcore photography enthusiasts who want control of everything. The fact that there aren’t any obvious buttons and that there’s no tripod mount or flash option make it quite obviously a lifestyle camera. Would probably suit cigar smokers as it looks like that’s how youg grip the camera.


via DigitalRev


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