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Kittiratt: Workers won’t lose jobs

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Workers and employees at the flooded factories will not lose jobs and will get monthly income from the Social Security Fund, commerce Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong said on Wednesday.

Mr Kittiratt said no foreign manufactures have planned to move production bases to other countries because they understood that the disaster was not controllable phenomenon.

He added that he had discussed ways to help ease hardship of loan clients affected by the floods with commercial banks and was confirmed that the banks will come up with assistance measures, including offering moratorium and lower loan rates during the rehabilitation period.

The deputy prime minister said the government needs to investment in several hundreds billion baht megaprojects to systematically solve the flood problem to prevent the flooding in the future.

This will help restore confidence of foreign investors and prevent them from moving bases out of Thailand, he added.

via BangkokPost

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