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Deathtoll rises to 317

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 A total of 317 people were confirmed dead and three people were missing in the floods that have inundated the upper part of the country for almost three months, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department reported on Wednesday.
Two more people were confirmed dead on Tuesday, one from eastern province of Prachinburi and one from central province of Saraburi.
Northern province of Phichit still has the highest death toll of 45 people, following by central province of Nakhon Sawan, of which 37 people killed by flood.
Flash floods and mudslide were caused by the heavy monsoon since mid July.
Floods still prevail in 62 of 77 provinces, effecting about 2.8 million households and about 9 million people.
Of 62 provinces hit by flood, the situation in 35 provinces, mostly in the northern and northeastern provinces, have slowly been recovering.
About 74 main highways in 18 provinces are flooded and cannot be passed and 18 north-bound train routes were cancelled.

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