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Driving through flooded roads

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Many people’s cars have failed driving through flooded roads and mine was no exception so here are a few tips to driving through them when it’s absolutely necessary.

0.1 Judge depth of water
If the water’s just too deep, don’t go in. You’re just going to ruin you car.

1. Turn off the A/C
Like all air conditioners, the one on your car also has a compressor. The fan in the compressor, when in flood water becomes a water pump, pumps water in to the engine and I don’t need to be a mechanic to know that water does not mix with engines.

2. Use Low Gear
I know is as tempting as it it fun to speed through puddles either to splash the water around or just to get through it quickly, depending one what kind of person you are, but it only gets water in your car faster. If you’re driving auto, shift the gear to either the L, 2, or 1 gear depending of the car’s make. If you’re driving manual leave it on 1st, if you want to go faster, not recommended, don’t go beyond the 2nd gear.

3. Drive as SLOW and possible
The faster you drive through these waters the faster you car will breakdown so drive slowly. Inch through the water if you can.

4. Brake often after
After you get through the patch of water, don’t forget to use the brakes a bit more. It helps get water out of your braking system. You definitely don’t want your brakes to fail while you drive.

5. After driving or before.
If you know that you will be driving through some flooded areas, visit the car wash, and get under you car washed and sprayed with anti-rust because these waters are full of stuff that will rust vital parts under you car away. If you haven’t cleaned and sprayed under your car and recently went though a flooded road, its a good idea to visit the car wash before you have to visit the garage and pay for a bill larger than your salary.

But seriously, if you know its going to flood, just don’t drive. Save yourself the trouble. and if you really have to…get a boat!

Hoped this helped, as always best of luck.

Hope this covers everything, if I missed anything feel free to leave them in the comments or email me at

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